Bachie Ep8

We open tonight’s episode with – oh. No. Wait. We’re straight into it. Okay! Here we go! Single DateOur Chinese Correspondent Kristen has finally had been awarded a single date. It’s kayaking and I’m actually here for this date. Kayaking in the sunshine is a lovely date. Okay they leave the water behind to go […]

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Bachie Ep 7

Okay, we open tonights episode with a single date card! Ooh! It involves Blind folds! I know exactly what’s about to happen! Emma is handed the single date card and we see her turn into stage five clinger within 0.12 seconds. Oh. Oh no. This date is horrible. HORRIBLE! The blind fold is for a […]

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Bachie Ep6

So we start tonight’s episode with a brief reminder that Monique and Abbie are on the outs due to “that incident”. It’s despite Bachie Matt’s best efforts at imitating Sherlock Holmes, we’re still stuck with uncertainty about what really went down. What we do know? Lines are being drawn and there is some definite Us […]

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Bachie Ep5

We open on… okay. In a weird twist it’s the end of the last episode post-rose ceremony and it’s just all the women sitting around drinking wine and feeling morose about Bachie Matt kissing Abbie. Honestly, this needs more ice cream pouting. Anyways, we leave the gossip group behind and tune in to single date. […]

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Bachie Ep4

Single DateWe open with Monique and Bachie Matt dressed in leather and ready to go for a Sunday drive in a Ferrari. They end up at a local airport where they’ll be doing some Red Baron-type adventure in a plane. They get briefed on how it’ll be 8g’s of force on their body and that […]

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Bachie Ep3

Warning: I write this recap as I watch. If you’re here for perfect spelling, grammar and punctuation turn away now. Let’s do this! Single DateTonight we start off with the beautiful Elly cashing in her golden ticket for some one-on-one with Bachie Matt. Full disclosure: I have Elly in the office sweep so I’m not […]

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Bachie Ep2

You guys we’ve made it to episode two! Let’s jump straight in! Single Date Osher arrives at the women’s mansion to hand over a single date card. The cryptic clue is that Matt hopes he can speak her language. Of course our Chinese Correspondent Kristen knows this is her date. Definitely. She speaks fluent Mandarin […]

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Bachie Ep1

Hello Bachie watchers! The Bachelor is back. And as you all know , it’s my favourite time of the year. MY ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE. DO NOT DARE TELL ME CHRISTMAS IS BETTER THAN THIS. THIS IS MY SUPERBOWL! Get your popcorn ready, we’re about to jump in. Let’s do this! Bachie Intro We’re introduced to Matt […]

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Pens click, papers shuffle, a foot taps to its own beat. The dull drone of an air conditioner plays theme song to the melodic tones of the lecture as the professor speaks of conflicts where the individuals involved suffer a second death as their names fade from memory.

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