On Edge is live!
Re-released, re-edited, re-formatted, lots more awesomeness. This is the book it was meant to be and the reviews definitely reflect that!

Insidiously intelligent, she sought knowledge like air,
absorbing the words of the page through her fingertip up into the heart of her. 

Girls are nothing but witches.
Witches are bitches whose ire results in fire in the form of lies that destroy lives of men who did nothing but be boys being boys being boys being boys.

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At what point does the jury judge
That the clothes I wear
How I dress my hair
The street I take
Or the decisions I make
Are what led to assault? 

He was a rock
Solid, strong, timeless in his ability to always be and let be
A lodestone attracting me to him 
His magnetic force binding us in an unbreakable attraction

The more churches I see,
The more I am convinced
They are shrines to man and not God.