Online Serial – Part 1

Part One

Rationally, I knew I was drunk. Somewhere in the back of my darling-ly logical mind was a little voice telling me to stop drinking and get my arse home.
Instead I slapped my hand on the bar, signally my bestie Flo to pour me another.
“You’re drunk.” The voice came from the big brute beside me.
“Yep.” Flo plonked the shot in-front of me, her face showing her amusement. Future Agnes would regret this tomorrow. Drunk Aggie was ready to down it. I lifted the glass, throwing a grin at the guy beside me. “I’m drunk as a skunk in a…. in a…” I frowned, dropping my arm as I tried to work out what rhymed with skunk. Punk? Bunk? Monk? I shrugged. “Drunk as a skunk!” I declared and tipped the shot, letting the liquid flow straight down my throat to hit my belly. I slammed the glass on the bar and looked over at Flo.
“Another?” Her right eyebrow lifted in question.
“A cider, my lady.” I burped a little, then giggled. I twirled on the barstool to look back at the giant beside me. “Where were we?”
“You were about to tell him about his cut.” This came from the grinning guy on his other side.
“Nah.” I waved a floppy hand, nearly slipping off my seat. The giant shot an arm out, steadying me. I ignored the flutter in my belly at the contact. “I was asking why you motorcycle people have an obsession with death and hell and super-nat-a-ru-al-” The word sounded not quite right coming out of my mouth but I pushed through. “-beings. Like hell and devil and grim reaper and shit. You know what’s scary?” I narrowed my eyes on my target, hearing the chuckles around me. “Raptors.”
I nodded my head earnestly. “Raptors. That shit is terrifying.” Flo handed me my drink and I decided to use my mouth to pick it up and chug it rather than my hands. Impressively, I managed to get a quarter of the bottle down before the need for air became a requirement. I dropped my head and replaced the bottle, hands still on my legs. A bunch of whistles and catcalling behind me let me know my impressive feat had been witnessed. I ignored them, now on a roll.
“Raptors. I have door knobs all over my house. Not handles. You know why? Cause they learn. They learn shit, Ice. They learn how to open doors!” I swung my hands out, knocking my beer. He snatched it, righting the bottle. “And once they know that, they can get to you and rip you open from here.” I lifted my shirt pointing at my belly and dragging both my shirt and my finger up my body. “to here.” I finger rested just under my collar bone, shirt bunched right up.
A hand tugged my shirt down. “Pretty sure they’re extinct.”
“But people are trying to bring them back. It’s genetic manipulation, Ice.”
“Did you watch Jurassic Park again?”
I shook my head. “Nah-uh. I read it. They want to try and do it. Bring shit that’s extinct back. Dangerous.” I declared, slapping my hand against the bar. “They do that, before you know it we’ll be surrounded by Zombies and ain’t nobody got time for that.”
His lip quirked up at the side. For Ice, that was the equivalent of laughing. I grinned brightly at him before lifting my beer to my lips. “Just saying.”
“Mmm. You done yet?”
I shook my head. “No. I’m gonna play pool.” I swung, beer still in hand and went to leave the bar then stopped. “Damn. Dog’s using it.” I tilted my head, squinting. “Is that Leslie? I thought she was banned after John-gate.”
Ice glanced over his normal don’t fuck with me look back on his face. “She is.”
“Well Dog’s doing her on the table.” I hopped down. “I’ll dance till their done.” I started moving over to jukebox.
“What the fuck has gotten into her?” Switch, who’d been sitting on the other-side of Ice, asked Flo. I heard her, even over the thumping music, I heard her.
“She got notice. The Will stands.” I didn’t glance back, just stumbled over to the jukebox beside the bar. I started flipping through, looking for a suitable song.
“Her lawyer said-”
“Her lawyer was fucking wrong. Xavier gets it all.”
“Jesus Christ.”
“No wonder she’s looking to get fucked up.”
“No, she’s already had that happen today. She’s just looking to forget.”
I hit the numbers for the song and grinned when the intro to Ice Ice Baby pumped out over the loudspeakers. Every eye in the bar swung to me, smiles and laughter accompanying it. I started swaying, my hips swishing as I moved onto the small wooden dance floor, mouthing the lyrics as I stared over at Ice. I wiggled and ran hands over my body before I started white girl rap hand movements. The boys were laughing uproariously as I shuffle danced my way over to Ice’s seat. His face remained impassive as I laughingly swung my arse at him – drunk Aggie could twerk with the best of them. I twirled back shuffling in place as the song wound up. At its end I collapsed into him, laughing as wolf-whistles, cheers and suggestions were thrown my way. Ice’s face was stone cold, not a glint of humour in it.
I laughed. “I’m gonna pass out now.”
“Night.” And then I closed my eyes and slipped.

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