What I'm working on – 9 July 2017

Placeholder ImageI re-released On Edge in May of 2017. The idea being that the book I originally released in 2015 wasn’t the book I wanted it to be – which really was stopping me from writing book two.
Anyways, long story short I rewrote it and re-released it earlier this year. Yay! Now I’m working on book two and I have to say it’s coming along really nicely. Where is it up to? Well it’s about 3/4 done, stuff is happening and things are getting real for our intrepid heroes! I’m loving it!
I’m also working on something a little different. Something a little strange. Something that’s unlike anything I’ve every written before so I have no idea what it’s going to end up like. But is it exciting? Yes! Is it hitting all the right notes? Oh yes!
My plan is to get book two finished ASAP, get this new one written and farm it out to some people for feedback and then jump into book three and a serial MC series early next year.
Can I do it? Who knows. To be honest, I’ve been sick this year. It’s been a long journey to even re-do On Edge. I’m feeling discouraged that I don’t have the time I want to invest in writing. I feel like this is a marathon that I’m not sure I’ll ever finish.
As the song says, but you got to have faith. So I’ll believe that even when I’m at my lowest, things will get better and I can move forward.
Meanwhile, hows about a sneak peek from Rough Code, Book Two in the Rough Edges Series. All rights reserved.
“God, Luc.” My voice was strained, I was breathing hard.
“That’s it, baby. A little more. You’re so close.”
“It’s too much.”
“Fuck, Evie. We’re so close. Come on, baby.”
“Oh my god…” I groaned and collapsed into Luc’s strong arms. My legs were jelly, my arms aching. I looked up at him, all flushed. “I did it.”
“Yeah you did.” His smile was warm.
“Ten minute rest, then round two, Evie.” We both looked over at my physical therapist. Or Satan as I referred to her.
“Computer says no, Amy.”
“Computer says get your arse up and keep going.” She turned away to assist a guy in a wheelchair.
I poked my tongue out.
“I saw that.” She called over her shoulder.
Recovering from a bullet wound hurt. It hurt so bad. It hurt and took forever. Every little movement was painful, every time I tried to walk, it all hurt. Sometimes it even hurt to breathe.
The muscles on the left side of my stomach screamed in protest, my leg was weak and trembling. I felt helpless, weak, frustrated, angry and depressed.
This was week three post-hospital. I’d finally started walking during physiotherapy. The last two weeks had been spent standing for longer periods and working on my flexibility, trying to regain the mobility I had lost and rebuild some of the muscles.
“Ten minutes over and done. Round two,” Luc pretended to hit a gong. “Ding! Begin.”
I groaned, struggling to push off the chair. My fingers gripped the arm rests.
“If you make it ten steps – just ten, Evie – then I’ll buy you some chocolate.” Gritting my teeth I walked those ten steps, using the balance bars on either side of the ten step course to stubbornly hold myself up. Yelling out in frustration and pain, he caught me at the end, and helped me drop back into the wheelchair. I felt the tears well as he pulled my head against his stomach and rubbed my back soothingly.
“White, dark or milk?”
“Frozen bananas rolled in dark chocolate with nuts.”
“There’s always money in the banana stand.”
I huffed out a laugh. “I didn’t know you watched Arrested Development.” His hand slipped under my jaw and tilting my head back.
“There’s a lot you don’t know about me.” Our eyes held and he was about to say something when Amy interrupted.
“Time for round three, Evie!”
I swore softly, as Luc chuckled.
“What do I get this time?” I asked as I slowly braced myself, ready to try to stand.
“I’ll break you out of this heap next Saturday and take you to karaoke.”
“Not exactly a bribe.”
“Let me finish.” He hit me gently on the nose with his finger in admonishment. “And I’ll sing any song you want.”
“I pick One Direction.” I flashed a smile as I struggled to push myself up off the wheelchair.
“The fuck you do!” Luc stepped back as I took a step forward, my hands braced in a death-lock on the beams.
“Never thought I’d say this, but fail. Just give up.” He actually looked slightly panicked.
I huffed out a laugh against the heaving pants of pain and exhaustion and took two steps forward, pausing to brace as my leg began trembling.
“Come on, Evie!” I glanced over to see Addie, Kel and Jet all smiling at the door, cheering. Luc straightened from his crouch before me and glared. “Don’t encourage her!”
“If you’re trying to sabotage her, it must be good!” Kel laughed, punching a fist in the air. “You go girl!”
As I took another step, my leg began violently, uncontrollably shaking. Four down, six to go.
“For the love of the Rolling Stones, don’t do this to me!” Luc begged as I took another step.
Half way.
Pleas for mercy, cheers from the girls and my own determination to see Luc suffer pushed me over the threshold. As I slumped into his arms, gasping for breath, I grinned up at him.
“Damn, Minx.” He smiled down at me, blue eyes twinkling. “Guess I better brush off my boy band moves.”
I laughed, feeling hands on me. The girls were right there, helping Luc rearrange my body into the wheelchair.
“This weekend?” This came from Addie.
I shook my head, feeling exhausted. “No.”
“When you’re better.” Jetta, smiled a little, looking over at Amy. “Is she done?”
Amy came over, hands moving to her hips. “Evie?”
I sighed, closing my eyes, knowing she was asking me to push my limits but not damage myself.
“One more. Then stretches.”
Amy nodded, grinning. “Good girl. Finish on a high note.”
My final attempt took me twice as long. My leg was shaking uncontrollably, my body weak, my hip on fire. I thought I was going to pass out as I finally got to the end.
As I lay on the ground, letting Amy stretch out my joints, I listened to her and Luc banter.
I was too tired, too broken to make small talk. I wanted a bottle of painkillers and silence, bed.
“You’re good.” Amy stood, holding a hand out to help me to a sitting position. “Shower then rest. Take two painkillers, no more. I want to see how you go after. Make sure you stand and do those stretches tonight. Tomorrow we’ll get you into the pool for a bit.”
I nodded.
“She’s all yours.” Amy gestured at Luc, before turning to another patient.
He helped me up, and began to wheel me towards the bathroom area. A nurse stood waiting.
“Good workout?”
I nodded again, still too exhausted to speak.
“She’s wrecked. Doubt she’ll be able to stand today.” This came from Luc.
“Don’t worry,” the nurse said cheerfully, “We’ll get her cleaned up.”
Twenty minutes later I’d been showered by the cheerful nurse, was dressed in stretchy pajamas and was having my wheelchair handed off to Luc.
I felt every part the invalid.
The girls were still there, chattering away with Luc while I quietly dozed in my chair.
Back in the apartment, they bustled about, dropping grocery bags and setting about cooking me dinner. I was directed to have a nap while they entertained themselves. I let Luc wheel me down the corridor and into the bedroom.
“Do you need a hand?”
I shook my head, bracing. It took me an agonizingly long time to stand, turn and then sit on the bed. I slowly swung my legs up and in, reaching for the blanket. Once in, I looked up at Luc. In the time it had taken for me to get into bed, he’d returned with water and pills.
We didn’t speak as I reached for them. Tossing my head back I swallowed with a gulp of water. The glass was whisked from my hand, and placed on the bedside table.
I closed my eyes, every part of me throbbing in pain.
The bed dipped, a hand on my hair, gently brushing it away.
“You did good today.”
I nodded.
“It’s gonna take time, Evie. Don’t beat yourself up.”
Tears I’d been fighting burned my eyelids.
“CJ said-”
“I know.” I interrupted him quietly. “I know, Luc. I get it. It’s a matter of time.”
I blew out a shaky breath, looking up at him. “I’m good. You can go.”
“I’ll be in the lounge room chilling.”
“No.” I shook my head. “You’ve been here long enough. The girls are here tonight. You can go. Go meet up with the guys, or hook up or something.” I looked him straight in the eye.
His beautiful blue eyes stared at my face for a long moment. His thoughts shuttered.
“That’s what you want? Me to go out and hook up?”
I hesitated. “Yes. I want you to live your life, not be caring for an invaild.”
“No.” I shook my head. “Luc, please.” I couldn’t do this any more. Today was a reminder. As much as I wanted it, he wasn’t mine.
“Right.” He stood, “Sleep well.” And with that he left.
I waited, listening to him speak to the girls briefly before I heard the apartment door open and close.
Then I let the tears come.

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