What I'm working on – 29 July 17

What I’m working on this week – 29 July 2017

It’s been a week of medical tests and rushing around at work – so pretty hectic at Kim HQ, but I’ve managed to get in some blogging about The Bachelor (more on that shortly) and some fast words for the two works in progress I’ve got going on.
Rough Edges Book Two 
First book I’m slowly editing my way through is Evie and Luc’s book. It’s been a long rough ride to get them to their happily ever after. Nothing has felt quite right with these two, but I think I’ve finally found the right story for them so that’s about to get itself out the door and off to the editors. Let’s hope for an October publication!
Super Secret Not So Secret Project
So this one is the #QueenProject. It’s a book that plonked itself in my brain and said, “Yo Bitch, write me.” And I have. I don’t know where the words or story or what has come from but it’s there and I’ve written it and it’s beautiful and powerful and I am loving it. It is so different from anything I thought I would write that I can’t not write it. I’m looking forward to sharing this one when I work out exactly what it is…
Online Serial
I’ve got another chapter of the online serial to post up this week as well. The online is completely unedited and uncensored so take it as it comes. Once it’s done I’ll take it down, polish it up and then post it back up as something a little less rough.
The Bachie Recaps
I have a book in my head that I want to write that is about a girl going on a reality TV show to find love. I’m currently blogging The Bachie as research so I can refer back to it once I’m ready to write that. I see it as a Rom-Com. Other books first, but I’m having fun blogging in the meantime!
And that’s what I’ve been writing this week!

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