Online Serial – Part Four

Part Four

I watched as Aggie wandered through my house. Earlier, her mood had been light, playful. Watching her eat breakfast and joke had made me burn. I’d wanted her in my bed, between my legs, watching her take my cock. I’d been feeling a heavy pull as it begged to be in her wet cunt. As much as it had killed me, I’d let her get dressed and had loaded her up to take her home.

The club came first.

Last night had been an anomaly. Aggie didn’t do drunk. She did tipsy, she did playful, she laughed and teased and brought everyone in the room up when shit was down. Last year, after I’d delivered the news of her parents deaths, she’d been the one to offer comfort to everyone. She’d stayed strong. She’d held herself up and gently reminded people of how much they loved life. When grown-ass men and their old ladies had been wailing and sobbing, Aggie had simply let them speak and smiled her sad, understanding smile. She was motherfucking Teflon.

I’d wanted to wring the neck of every single person at that goddamn funeral. I’d stood by, not close enough to draw attention, but close enough to watch her – ready for the moment she’d crack. She hadn’t. For months after, every night, I’d snuck into her house like some motherfucking stalker, listening to see if she was ok. I’d heard her singing, her muttering to herself, and her getting herself off.

Fuck. It had been torture. Every time I’d heard the whirl of her vibrator, her hiccupping little moans and sighs as she made herself come – fucking torture. But I’d gone back. Again and again. Without her knowing. I’d memorized every damn part of that house. And every one of her breaths.

The boys had arrived with the truck. Grill and Beat walking in carrying boxes. They were laughing.

“Oh don’t worry about bringing anything in.” Aggie hurried over. “God knows where I’m going to end up.”

Here. I wanted to say. You’re going to be here.

Grill grinned, “This stuff needs a freezer.” He brushed past, heading for my kitchen. I went, opening the fridge and noting that there wasn’t a heck of a lot in there. Wasn’t here often enough to be fucked.

“You took my food?”

“Yeah.” This came from Beat who dropped his box on the counter. “The fridge, freezer and cupboards. You been living there for over a year. We figured it was your food, your money that paid for it – not his.”

I watched her looking for a reaction. Slowly the corners of her mouth began to turn up.

“Told Edge to get the batteries.” They all looked over at me. I shrugged. “Took most of the electronics, but whatever’s left he’s gonna be inconvenienced for a while.”

Aggie was now grinning, her beautiful smile lighting her face.

“Did you one better.” This came from the entry way. Smiling like a loon, Edge held up a plastic bag. “All the lightbulbs I could manage.”

My eyes darted to Aggie in time to see her throw her head back and start laughing.

My fingers twitched. I wanted to reach out, haul her against me and capture that laughter against my lips.

“You guys are evil.” She sounded delighted.

She had no fucking clue.

She moved over fussing around with the boxes of food they’d brought in. “Go, sit. I’ll whip up some lunch. Least I can do after today.”

Edge and Grill moved to my lounge, they’d settle finding a game on my big screen. I stayed.

Aggie crossed to my fridge, pulled out a six pack and handed three bottles off to me with a smile. I took them without a word but didn’t move to leave.

She paused, hand in a box. “Ice?”

I rolled one of the beers between my palms, the other two sitting discarded on the bench. “I want a dog.”

She blinked. “Ok?”

“Got to go interstate often for club shit. Can’t take a dog with me for that.”

Her eyes narrowed. “So get a dog sitter.”

“You move in, you can choose the dog if you look after if while I’m away.” I offered. “Condition is nothing smaller than my knee. I want a real fucking dog.”

Here eyebrows shot up, her head dropped to look at my knee, then up to my face. “Move in with you?”

I shrugged. “I got room. Not like I’m using all the space. Not even here that much.” Though I would be if she was.

Her hands had dropped to the kitchen bench and her longs fingers tapped out a quick tempo as she considered my offer. It was a tick of hers. “Rent? Utilities?”

“$150 a week, plus you make dinner cause I’m fucking awful at it. $200 if you won’t. Utilities we split.” Small steps.

“Ice!” Her tone told me what she thought of my offer. It was low, I knew it, she knew it. I didn’t care. I didn’t need the money but I knew she wouldn’t stay here if she didn’t feel like she was contributing.

“And you have to look after my dog when I’m away.” I saw her waiver. The dog thing was the bait.

“Fine. Deal.” She blew out a breath sending stray hairs flying. “You drive a hard bargain.”

I suppressed a smile. “We’ll go to the pound tomorrow.”

She grinned. “’Kay.”

I picked up the beers, winked at her, then turned for the lounge. “No mayo.”

“I know. You weirdo.”

I chuckled, entering my lounge area. I tossed the bottles to Grill and Edge then settled on the couch, kicking my boots off.

“You get it sorted?” The low question came from Grill.


“She staying here?” Edge clarified.


They both nodded, eyes still on the game.

“Good,” Grill murmured, wincing as a particularly brutal intercept took their chances of a late comeback to nil. “She’s good for you.”

“She ain’t for me.” I stated.

“Brother.” Edge looked over. “She’s been yours since you came back.”

“Dude, she sang Ice, Ice, Baby and all you did was stare at her like you wanted to fuck her against the jukebox. You fucking hate that song. Any of us play that shit you’d have us laid out faster than we could blink.” Grill agreed.

I shrugged. “She was drunk off her tits.”

Edge laughed, “Yeah she was. God, didn’t know Doctor Aggie could twerk.”

We all smirked. I shrugged again.
“Doesn’t matter. Not going there.”

“You don’t, only a matter of time before someone else will.”

I tipped back my beer, considering Grill’s words. I fet Edge’s eyes on me.




He frowned. “Just saying, you’d be fuck load better for her than anyone to this point. One, you actually give a fuck about her. Two, you’d be able to protect her from her brother.”

He had a point.

“We going to gossip like grandma’s or watch the game?” I asked, uncomfortable with the attention. They both grinned and turned their attention to the TV screen.

I rolled the thought of me and Agnes around in my head. Sleeping with her would scratch an itch, one that had been there for a long fucking time. Making her my old lady? That was something else entirely.

I scratched my stomach, barely paying attention to the screen as I considered the idea. House, home, Agnes in my bed every fucking night. She was the kind of woman who wouldn’t stop at a dog. She’d want a kid or more eventually. Probably three. White picket fence. Monogamy. Fuck that shit.

“Lunch is ready.”

I looked up from my musing to see her enter, balancing three plates and a smile. “Nothing special just loaded sandwiches and chips, but I think it’ll tick to your guts.”

She dished them out, checked our beer levels and disappeared back into the kitchen leaving us to enjoy our meal in peace. I bit into the sandwich, the taste of it exploding on my tongue.

Edge and Grill both groaned in ecstasy beside me.

I chewed and swallowed. Monogamy. Kids. White picket fence.

I mulled it over as I chewed what was arguably one of the best sandwiches I’d ever eaten. Fuck, I’d see what her dinners were like then make a decision.


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