What I'm working on – 12 August 2017

What I’m working on this week – 12 August 2017

It’s been a bit of a weird, hectic week over at Cong HQ. Hospital visits, sickness and freezing cold weather. I’m ready for a change in the temperature!
Let’s get into what I’ve been writing this week.
Bachie updates
As you can see from the blog posts I’ve been busy doing recaps each week and it’s been good to get it down. It gets my comedic and creative juices flowing. It’s also getting me into a cycle – essentially forcing me to actually deliver a blog post each week. It’s actually really good for my writing – like how can I impart the relevant information, with enough detail, in a comedic way, without it coming across as nasty? Challenging, very challenging. I’m enjoying it.
Long Live The Queen
She’s riding me hard and I’m LOVING this story. It’s really calling to me. I can’t even explain how much I’m loving it. My aim is to get the first draft finished by end of September. Don’t hold me to that though – life always gets in the way – especially based on the past weeks events.
Rough Edges Book Two
Edits are still on-going and it’s not going how I’d like. I’m having to re-write part of the novel. So I’m doing that at the moment. That’s okay, we’ll get there!
Aggie and Ice are written and new parts are being posted up each week. I hope you’re enjoying their story!

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