Loving wild abandon

It will take me until forever to understand that I am worthy of your love.
It was but a moment of looking with my heart to understand that you were worthy of mine.
You have the power to break me into a million pieces with nothing more than a look.
I rest my world in your hands because without you I have no future – not beginnings, just an end.
You want to taste the redness of my lips, the wildness of my spirit, when all you get is the desperate salt of my tears of despair as they fall down broken cheeks, wet with pain from years of neglect that you are trying to heal.
Thank you for trying to hand me the pieces so I can glue myself back together.
I am not Humpty, unable to be put back together again – I am together when I am with you.
Do I rely on you? Yes, as you do on me.
I kiss your lips to taste the solidness of your spirit, the calm of your presence, the need in your greedy mouth.
Your hands remind me that I am a part of you, your eyes telling me I am yours and I give back just as much as I take.
Words are empty vessels when actions play like the best concert, echoing as glorious memories over and over.
Take a walk on the wild side, you whisper to my spirit. Believe in your own power. All your cracks are beautiful etchings of moments when you broke but still survived – neigh of when you survived, of when you survived and triumphed.
Of when you, wondrous wife, rose.
Thank you husband, for loving each part of me.
Thank you for handling me, not with care, but loving wild abandon.

Kim Congram © 2017


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