She is strength

Within her reside a thousand demons, each fighting for voice
You are weak, you are nothing
Daily their whispered claws dig deeper, each gouge a hole she can never refill.
She dons her armour,  guarding herself with reminders of her glory
I am powerful, I am lovely, I am kind, I am strength
The words are sword and shield, both offense and defence
They are whispered prayers, a mantra of memory and motivation.
Inside the demons dig in, trench warfare, neither side prepared to give
You are weak, you are nothing
I am strong, I am everything
In her weak moments, the enemy encroaches their victories, falling tears down her soft cheeks
I am nothing
Every day she dons her armour.
Every day she prepares for battle
And every day
I am strong, I am everything 

 Kim Congram © 2017


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