Gold Cracks

Do you think I appreciate the lies that fall from your lips like truths?
Can you tell what reality is or do you twist our lives to reflect the truth you want to see?
I require no rose glasses when thorns remind me I’m real.
I am here.
I am alive.
The thorns never cut as deep as my disappointment.
Tomorrow I will fill the new cracks in my exterior with gold.
I will repair what you broke once again.
Resilience isn’t my issue, the expectation that you will change is.
My bar for you is low, any pedestal I had for you has long been shattered into dust.
Decency, respect, understanding.
These are the things I wish for.
These are the things I wish you would gift me.
Active listening was never your strong suit.
You have proved once again that your favourite cloak is the one covered in disdain for my choices, my life, my voice.
So zip my lips, chain my hands, fill my ears with more lies.
I will break again, but one day all of me will be nothing but gold.
Then all your power over me will be gone, for I shall know my own worth.

 © 2018 Kim Congram


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