He was a rock
But not one which weighs you down
Not one that hurts when thrown
He was my rock
A cornerstone of my heart
The carved marker showing my true north
He was a rock
Solid, strong, timeless in his ability to always be and let be
A lodestone attracting me to him
His magnetic force binding us in an unbreakable attraction
He was a rock
And I was paper, water, fire trying to mould me to him
Where he was stead I was wisp
Where he was solid I was flow
And around each other we curled
Him needing my fancy
Me needing his solemn
Steadfast, present, real
He ground down my insecurities
He cracked my outer shell
And in doing so
He learned he was not immovable in the face of an avalanche
A landslide
Or the person he loves.

Kim Congram © 2018


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