At what point

At what point does the jury judge
That the clothes I wear
How I dress my hair
The street I take
Or the decisions I make
Are what led to assault?

Be responsible
Walk in pairs
Hold your keys as weapons.
Cover up
Don’t walk in the dark
Don’t talk to strangers.
It’s on you,
To stop it at the start.

The start of what?
Of going about my day?
Of living my life?
Of being a human with free rights?
Oh, silly girl.
You have breasts and a vagina.
Your free rights are bound tighter than the bra you’re forced to wear to be considered
“Polite Company”.

You know how to stop it at the start?
Teach respect.
Teach boundaries.
Proper penalties for offenders.
Here’s a slogan for you: No bail, straight to jail.
Image how that would go down.
Like a lead balloon
Because it’s only “bad sex“, right?

You know how to stop it at the start?
Stop blaming victims.
Stop providing excuses.
Stop justifying word and deed with stories of,
“but he’s a nice boy.”
Nice boys don’t rape.
Nice boys respect boundaries.
Nice boys get consent.

At what point does the jury judge?
When you are born female.

Kim Congram © 2018


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