Katura Chronicles

Known for its painted houses, gorgeous beaches and great alcohol, the sleepy island kingdom of Katura barely warrants a social media page. But when an unexpected political coup dethrones the new monarch, the kingdom becomes front-page news.

There are three ways you become a Monarch
1. Born
2. Marry
3. Steal
They stole it.And I had a choice:
Fall into line, serve our new King, or fight.My new motto?
It’s only treason if you lose. 

All the King’s Horses, Book One in the Katura Chronicles is FREE in Kindle Unlimited.

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If you’ve read All the King’s Horses, you may be interested in understanding how the political system is structured.
Katura Political Structure

I’ve designed a super simple chart to assist. This is the first of many, I’m sure, and I’m also happy to take requests for further charts, diagrams, timelines or character profiles.

Drop me a comment below or email kim@kimcongram.com with your requests!


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