I Dare You

Break me down.Split me open.Destroy me.You already express your disdain in word and deed.The glass ceiling is reinforced with actions that transparently demonstrate your hatred for all I am.Do not whisper your lies to me,Dear Man,I have peeled off your mask.What dwells in me is a fighter,While in you shivers a fear.Hold me back, bring forth […]

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She is strength

Within her reside a thousand demons, each fighting for voice
You are weak, you are nothing 
Daily their whispered claws dig deeper, each gouge a hole she can never refill. 

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The Heart of a Worrier

    They said I could fight monsters, but how when they’re in my head? I wanted to be a warrior, not a worrier, A mother of adventures,not a martyr building my own cross on which to hang myself daily with a list of all of my transgressions. Wild spirits call to wildness, or so they say. […]

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