Take a chance, listen closely, I offer more than you see
I may be disabled, but I am simply me.

“The best thing women can do,” the Facebook comment began. “Is to start writing and producing films. Getting content out there because let’s face it 90% of the content is driven by male leads (which is slowly changing).”

“Lol. Just Lol.” I replied.

“What about the last comment irks you?” Asked the poster.

Irk was the right word. I was exasperated. I was annoyed. And here’s why.

I require no rose glasses when thorns remind me I’m real.

Hermione Granger had been married for eight years. She had two children, one just starting at Hogwarts, a mortgage on a three-bedroom house, and a laundry basket that no matter how much she magicked, never seemed to shrink. 

Break me down. Split me open. Destroy me. You already express your disdain in word and deed. The glass ceiling is reinforced with actions that transparently demonstrate your hatred for all I am. Do not whisper your lies to me, Dear Man, I have peeled off your mask. What dwells in me is a fighter, […]

You were my compass,
the north to my south.

I am a force of nature.
I burn the landscape on which I stand. 
I am the wind that rattles your windows, the branches that scratch at the glass.