Part Three

“It’s a garage sale, sister.” My brother’s lazy drawl came from the porch. I swung, seeing him lounging on a chair with a beer and bunch of his friends. Guys from school. Guys who had no business being in my house.

It’s been a week of medical tests and rushing around at work – so pretty hectic at Kim HQ, but I’ve managed to get in some blogging about The Bachelor (more on that shortly) and some fast words for the two works in progress I’ve got going on.

Part Two 
When I was younger, I was abnormally tall. Too tall for my age, all legs and feet and awkward limbs. My brother and his friends would pick on me at school. Kids are cruel, and I was an easy target. Years of guys and girls lumping shit on me taught me that I was worth nothing. I was smart but I was awkward, no easy come back or defence ever sprang to my lips. Instead I’d shuffle away, hunched shoulders, blushing and trying not to cry.

A few years ago I wrote The Gamble, a super-short but sweet novella (~5000 words) which is always free on kindle unlimited. Why not give it a go today?  The Gamble

Part One
Rationally, I knew I was drunk. Somewhere in the back of my darling-ly logical mind was a little voice telling me to stop drinking and get my arse home.
Instead I slapped my hand on the bar, signally my bestie Flo to pour me another.

I re-released On Edge in May of 2017. The idea being that the book I originally released in 2015 wasn’t the book I wanted it to be – which really was stopping me from writing book two. Anyways, long story short I rewrote it and re-released it earlier this year. Yay! Now I’m working on […]

On Edge is live!
Re-released, re-edited, re-formatted, lots more awesomeness. This is the book it was meant to be and the reviews definitely reflect that!